Walkie Talkie Lingo

The Basics

This list of essential phrases is used regularly by most walkie talkie users. They will help you to be easily understood by those you are communicating with. Once familiar with these phrases, you and your family will easily communicate with one another. Memorize the following list and try to stick to only using these terms when talking to family or friends over your walkie talkies. 

  • Affirmative: Yes
  • Negative: No
  • Disregard: Ignore the previous message
  • Copy: Message understood
  • Go Ahead: I'm listening
  • Mic check: Is my walkie talkie working?
  • Loud and clear: I can hear you
  • Go again: Please repeat the last transmission
  • Roger: Understood
  • Stand by: I'm busy, but I acknowledge you're calling me
  • Over: I'm done speaking
  • Out: Transmission ending
  • Wilco: Message has been understood, action will follow

The Ten Codes

Created in 1937 by the Illinois State Police Department to decrease ambiguity. Though many apply to police work, the following list should be understood wherever you go.

  • 10-1: This code simply means that a transmission is unreadable
  • 10-2: States that the transmission signal is clear
  • 10-4: Message understood
  • 10-5: Please pass this message onto someone else
  • 10-6: Standby, I'm busy at the moment
  • 10-9: Please repeat the message
  • 10-20: Please state your location

Saying Over

Saying "over" on a walkie talkie lets the other person know you've finished transmitting your message. Only one person can speak at a time on two-way radios, so both must know the rules. When you say "over," the other person will know you've finished speaking and can respond. 


Now that you know your lingo, get out and go use your walkie talkies to explore!