Cobra FRS - What's the FRS in FRS Radio Stand For?

We'll cut right to it. FRS stands for Family Radio Service. It is a private, two-way, short distance voice and data communication service for family and group activities. The most common use for FRS channels is short distance, two way voice communications using small hand held radios.

FRS is walkie-talkie radio system that has been used in the United States since 1996. Utilizing frequencies around 462 and 467 MHz in the ultra high frequency (UHF) band, FRS does not suffer the interference effects found on CB at 27 MHz, or the 49 MHz band used by cordless telephones, toys, baby monitors and more. FRS uses (FM) instead of (AM), making short-range use of FRS more predictable than the more powerful license-free radios operating in the HF CB band.

The FRS is an authorized 22 channels in the 462 MHz and 467 MHz range, all of which are shared with the GMRS or General Mobile Radio Service.

FRS is perfect for families and casual two way radio users because FRS is licensed by rule. This means you wont need an individual license to operate a FRS radio provided you comply by the rules. There are no age restrictions, or personal or business use laws, so long as you are not a representative of a foreign government.

With 22 FRS channels each having a bandwidth of 12.5 kHz you have plenty of options for your communications that we have included below. Furthering those options are that each channel may have its own wattage. Again, all channels are shared with GMRS, so it is possible that you'll occasionally pick up licensed GMRS communications on these channels.

You can operate an FRS transmitter at any place the FCC regulated radio communications. a FRS transmitter may not be modified and must be certified by the FCC. No FRS channels are assigned for exclusive use of any user, which is one of the great benefits to the FRS Walkie Talkie channel.

Cobra Walkie Talkies / Two Way Radios utilize FRS technology to create top of the line communications for all sorts of recreational and job related activities. Below we'll highlight a few different models, their ranges and different features so you can see how you can put a FRS radios to use for you.

Cobra Chat Tag

The Cobra Chat Tag offers all the functionality of the FRS network that we talked about earlier and adds an awesome hands free programmable feature. It has a rechargeable battery that gives the user 10 hours of life to handle even the biggest of outings or longest of shifts. 

Cobra Rugged 35 Mile Walkie Talkie 

The Cobra ACXT645 gives users 35 miles of range! It's packed with features like rechargeable docking station AND the ability to use AA batteries if your out and about and the main battery runs out of juice. It comes with a built in NOAA weather alert receiver so you'll always be prepared for inclement weather headed your direction and a built in flashlight. 

Cobra Family Safety Set

The Cobra Family Safety Set is the perfect option for those with little ones. They are affordable, have a clip to attach them to the kiddos and use replaceable batteries to keep you going. The 4-pack combo is ideal for family activities; amusement park, hiking, cruise vacation, sightseeing and etc.